Four Key Behaviors That Stand Out in the Most Successful People I Know by Ron Parikh

  • Posted by: Ron Parikh
  • 06th Jun 2016

As one of the Managing Directors of Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, I am blessed to be surrounded by very successful people. Each of us, in our own right, have accomplished great things. However, as a group, our individual successes are amplified. I believe that there are many factors that have contributed to the success that we have achieved thus far. We all work hard, we’re dedicated, and we’re all team players. Each of us also practice five key behaviors that I believe are the cornerstone of our success as a group.

Ability to Trust

When there is mistrust between individuals within a company, it causes unrest, which disrupts the growth of the company and causes bad blood between co-workers. It is vitally important that every team member, regardless of the situation, trusts the others to make the right decisions, and take appropriate actions. However, this kind of trust is not given, it’s earned. The managing directors and I have been together a very long time, first as friends and family, then as business partners. We have a deep level of trust in one another, which allows all of us to focus our attentions on the business at hand, rather than worrying about anyone’s intentions.

Willingness to Share

Hording knowledge is a common practice in the business world, companies don’t usually reveal too much to their competitors, or the public. However, within organizations, information is often withheld as well. Revealing your secrets, or giving out too much information is often viewed as a dangerous thing. Most people think that if they are too forthcoming, others will steal their ideas, or take advantage of them. I believe, however, that information should be shared freely. At CMG, we openly share, which gives others the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and experiences. Our willingness to share, leads to even greater knowledge for each of us.

Taking Immediate Action

One of the hardest habits to overcome is procrastination. It’s easy to put things off until the afternoon, tomorrow, next week, or some point in the future. But, the truth is, if you’re not acting on things immediately, you’re always falling farther behind. At some point, all those things that you put on the back burner are going to come to the forefront again. In some cases, you may lose a valuable employee, or an investor, or a major deal may crumble. The managing directors and I all agree that the best time to get things done is right now because tomorrow might be too late. This responsiveness has a major impact on the way our employees, investors and associates feel about working with us.

Supporting Others

One of my favorite things about working with Chalak Mitra Group of Companies is the support that we receive from one another. I sincerely care about the other managing directors, they are my family. I truly enjoy watching them succeed and I know they feel the same about me. If one of us is having a tough time, the rest rally behind them, willing to lend a hand if needed. When one of us reaches a milestone, or some other accomplishment, we are all there to congratulate them. That supportive attitude is extended to every staff member and employee, who we consider our extended family.

If you’re struggling to achieve the level of success that you desire, perhaps your behaviors are holding you back. Take a good look at yourself. Are you too secretive? Do you procrastinate? Loosen up, share what you know and be willing to learn from others. Are you supportive of your co-workers? Remember that their successes also contribute to your own, and yours to theirs. I have an unending trust in the other managing directors, I openly share information, act when I should, and above all, support those around me. The other managing directors also do the same, and together we continue to accomplish great things.

Ron Parikh