Ideas Without Action Are Hallucinations by Ron Parikh

  • Posted by: Ron Parikh
  • 04th Apr 2016

Have you ever had a great idea that you daydreamed about, but over time you let it slip by the wayside? Then, maybe months later, you thought about that idea and wondered why you never pursued it. Why does this happen? Why don’t we take action on ideas? This happens to everyone from time to time, and when I noticed it happening to me, when I became mindful of it happening, I decided to take action on taking action.

The Idea is Too Big

One of the main reasons people fail to take action on ideas is because they believe them to be too big. After all, what can poor little ol’ me do to bring the idea to life, right? On top of that, you may believe you can accomplish the idea, but friends and family may tell you that the idea is too big and will never work. This type of thinking causes many people to keep the idea as simply a daydream, and therefore, they never act on the idea. The problem here is that ideas without action are mere hallucinations.

Fear of Failure

Another stumbling block that people face when attempting to bring an idea to fruition is the fear of failure. Fear is a huge motivator in life, and if you think that you could fail at something, fear steps in and can take over if you let it. What if no one believes in your idea? What if you get almost to the finish line and then fail? What if, what if, what if. That’s the problem right there. Anything is possible, and while you’re busy thinking about what if I fail, you’re ignoring the better position: what if I succeed? Confidence is the antidote to fear, not bravery. Bravery means that you are placing yourself in a potentially harmful situation with the knowledge that you could very well suffer ill consequences. Confidence, on the other hand, is placing yourself into a potentially bad situation with the knowledge that you can handle problems as they arise. Yet, it can be difficult to build confidence if you don’t know where to look.

Everyday Successes

You don’t have to have a huge resume of accomplishments to build confidence. Instead, take a look at everyday successes from your past. Think about a difficult time and how you overcame it, even though it was difficult. Think about things in your personal life that have conflict and how you dealt with these situations directly. You are a confident person, even if you don’t know it. I know this because it took me quite a while to look at myself in the same way, and I’ve been building on my own confidence ever since.

Create a Plan of Action

Of course, I’m not at all suggesting that you jump right into action without a plan. Having a plan is crucial for success in business, especially when you have a new idea that you want to implement. Do your research, find out what tools you will need to make things work and rely on the help of trusted friends, family members and mentors. Let them evaluate your plan so that you can receive their advice. By getting a plan in place prior to taking action, you’re more likely to succeed and turn the hallucination of your idea into reality.

Ron Parikh