The Value of Customer Service by Ron Parikh

  • Posted by: Ron Parikh
  • 25th Apr 2016

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, but in order to provide excellent customer service, we first need to identify the value of customer service. When most people think of customer service, they think of things like calling an 800 number to speak to a representative; however, customer service is so much more than that.

Defining the Role of Customer Service in Business

Simply put, the customer service experience is what is going to keep customers coming back. We could deliver the best in food at our restaurants, but if the customer does not experience the service he or she expects and deserves, you can bet that that customer is not going to return. This is why we place such a strong emphasis on serving the customer at all of our restaurants and properties. Essentially, the customer service experience can determine success or failure despite any other elements of a business. Our customer service team acts as the face of the company during each interaction, so we have to not only hire and train the right people, but we also follow up on customer service concerns so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible.

Word Gets Around

Now, I’ve mentioned that customer service can determine whether existing customers continue to provide repeat business, but what’s more is that poor customer service can actually affect potential business in the future. Many years ago, if someone had a bad customer service experience at a business, they would tell their friends and family. Today, with the power and reach of the Internet, one poor experience could affect your long term reputation online through a bad review. Only very happy and very dissatisfied customers will take the time to make a review online. The more number of good reviews, the more likely you are to get more business.This is why we must offer only the best in customer service every single time.

The Deeper Value of Customer Service

So, on the surface, we see that customer service can cause success or failure in a business, but is there a deeper value in providing excellent customer service? The truth is that, for myself and the other partners here at the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, there is a much deeper value attached. For us, providing quality customer service is a personal thing in that we can rest easy at night knowing that we’ve done right by our customers. It would be easy to simply ignore customer complaints or concerns. After all, we didn’t have the experience, right? Wrong! When a customer has a bad experience at one of our restaurants, we take that very personally because this company is a part of who we are. For this reason, we place a much deeper value on delivering only the best in customer service.

It Begins with the Training

As mentioned, we select only the best people for our customer service team, and we do this by seeking out people who share our passion for delivering quality. Anyone can sit behind a phone and attend field calls or respond to customer concerns through email, but these people would be merely acting as window dressing. We take customer concerns very seriously and we hire people who feel the same. Our mission is to resolve the issue, not simply address it.

Our team is trained to use its passion for total satisfaction when resolving concerns. We understand that behind every phone call or email, there is a real person who demands and deserves to receive a personal response, not just a form letter. We will accept nothing less because we are people too, and we know what it’s like to experience poor customer service. We value and respect our customers, so we must respect the value of customer service.

Ron Parikh